Zara Home

A little peek of the new collection of Zara Home. I simply love it! Enjoy.


Pocket watches

Somewhere between illusion and reality we all are dependent on time. There were days where man couldn’t imagine going out without their little pocket watch. Being a great accessory since the 16th century it had a single purpose to measure time. And their popularity is coming back!

I am a vintage lover, yes, I am! 🙂 I couldn’t resist and make a selection of great inspiring designs of vintage pocket watches which I personally loved. And I wish all men did wear a pocket watch like in the old days, but well… 🙂 So here are some old timers and some little bit more girly watches. Wohooo!

Lovely jewelry

Some necklaces I would like to buy for myself… Hope you love it too!
Selected Judith Necklace

Ettika x REVOLVE Fringe Necklace in Black/Gold

J.Crew Golden fringe statement necklace

Gemma Redux Gold-plated amethyst necklace

Selected Viva Necklace

Selected Femme Necklace Jeanet

Vase decor for your home

Here are some lovely vases which can decor, stylize and add a soul to your home. Hope you like them. Enjoy!
Muuto Closely Separated vase, yellow

Lazy Susan Ombre Glacier Teardrop Vase

Venini Medium Monofiori Balloton Vase

Crate & Barrel Rossu Bottle Vase

Kähler Omaggio vase mega, black-yellow

Kelly Wearstler Ceramic Gold Curiosity Vase

Honeycomb Ceramic Vase, Set of 3

Venini Extra Small Monofiori Balloton Vase

Blaze Ceramic Vase, Set of 3

Crate & Barrel Scarlett Tall Mini Vase

Crate & Barrel Scarlett Short Mini Vase

Living by your own rules.

Your home is your world! Never make compromises when it comes in question your style. Nobody else can be You. Express yourself and live by your own rules. Because when your are truly happy, the universe knows it. 😉 Enjoy!


>> For a bigger image click on the picture. <<

>> The music in the soul can be heard by the universe… <<

I made this set on polyvore and it’s called ‘Living by your own rules’. For more information about stores and prices, visit my page on polyvore.