White pants

White pants match on every outfit. You can layer them easily and they will look great all in white or just with simple colored top. Take your white pants wherever you go!


Spring hairstyles

Spring, time of the year when everything blossoms, time of the year when everyone feels inspired for change, for more love and beauty. So I collected these few pictures of great spring hairstyles to inspire and remind myself  how special and fun being a girl is. Casual and girly look hairstyles are my favorite this season, side braids and classy ponytails on my everyday calendar. 😀 Enjoy!

Bedside table decoration ideas

Well… in my opinion, the most eye-catching or in fact the most significant thing about the bedroom, apart from the bed, are the side tables. They make the space around the bed feel complete and if well decorated, they can give the whole room some style. I love decorating my bedsides and often change and move things around depending on my mood and inspiration. So, here are some great ideas which I personally choose/love and wanted to share so they inspire everyone of you as well. Enjoy it!