Good morning!

It’s a new day! Hooray!

Drinking my first cup of coffee and enjoying the morning sun. And what about you? 🙂


Happy shorts!

I feel so happy just staring at these colorful shorts. 🙂 Yes, I must admit I am so in love with the fashion these few years back. Love the casualness but also the vintage touch in every piece. My vintage soul feels in place. Enjoy some inspiration!

Spring hairstyles

Spring, time of the year when everything blossoms, time of the year when everyone feels inspired for change, for more love and beauty. So I collected these few pictures of great spring hairstyles to inspire and remind myself  how special and fun being a girl is. Casual and girly look hairstyles are my favorite this season, side braids and classy ponytails on my everyday calendar. 😀 Enjoy!